Class of 2019

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Amanda Lawson

Amanda Lawson is a Public Policy major in the College of Arts and Science and has a minor in Poverty Studies through the School of Social Work. She is on the 5-year BA/MPA track, and afterwards plans to take 2 years off to work as a policy analyst before continuing on to law school.

Amanda’s primary area of interest is mass incarceration and legal advocacy, demonstrated through her internships at the Bronx Freedom Fund, Vera Institute of Justice, and the Innocence Project, as well as her organizing experience with the Incarceration to Education Coalition. These experiences, along with her personal family experience with the cycle of incarceration for under-resourced black and brown people led her to create her own organization named the Dollar Bail Brigade. It is a coalition of 725 volunteers freeing low-income POC from jail who are incarcerated because of a glitch $1 bail. The organization, recently featured in the Nation magazine, has freed over 93 people since its launch late January 2017. Its ultimate goal is to use the data and documentation of injustice in the criminal system to leverage policy reform from the Department of Corrections, and to end dollar & money bail.

Amanda also maintains a number of involvements on campus, including being a College Leader and Organizer with the Incarceration to Education Coalition, Policy and Activism Chair for the Governance Council of Minority and Marginalized Students, as well as Director of Policy for the NYU DREAM Team, fighting for the rights of undocumented/DACA students at NYU. Amanda has been recognized as an NYU Truman Scholar, NYU Leadership Fellow, a Future Lawyers Scholar, and a Horatio Alger Scholar.

Amanda’s core belief is that public service is a duty required of those occupying power and privilege, and is excited to dedicate her life to paying forward the generosity shown to her by the AnBryce Foundation.

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Nyamal Pal

Nyamal is at the College of Arts and Sciences studying Social and Cultural Analysis with a minor in Public Policy and Management. Nyamal plans on attending law school, but hopes to pursue some kind of international work immediately following graduation.

Nyamal is a Lebanese-American war refugee with close familial ties to North and South Sudan.

She has strong interests in refugee resettlement and hopes to be an advocate for those who cannot speak up on their own behalf.

Nyamal is involved as a Core Rescuer with Rescuing Leftover Cuisine, The All University Gospel Choir, College Republicans, and UNICEF.

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Sara Mendez

Sara Mendez has a major in International Relations at the College of Arts and Science with a minor in Economics. She was born and raised in Colombia until immigrating to the United States at the age of 10. Her experiences as an immigrant have greatly influenced her interest in promoting cultural diversity, learning new languages, and advocating for the rights of other minorities.

In her free time, Sara relaxes by sketching and reading for pleasure. She spends a lot of her time exercising at the gym, playing soccer, and enjoying the outdoors. Despite being passionate about health and fitness, after spending a semester in Florence, she considers herself a gelato connoisseur. Sara has been recognized as a CAS Presidential Honors Scholar and was selected to be part of the inaugural cohort of the Presidential Internship Program. She is currently interning for the Assistant Dean of Strategic Initiatives and Chief of Staff at NYU Law. She plans on pursuing a Master’s in International Relations before attending Law School.

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Jacob Hamilton

Jacob is at the Stern School of Business studying Business and Political Economy. He comes from Los Angeles, California where he grew up and attended Pilgrim School. After spending his first year at NYU in New York City, he went on to spend his Sophomore year at NYU in London studying international relations, political economy and finance. Jacob also spent the first semester of his Junior year at NYU in Shanghai studying business and international law.

Jacob is interested in exploring the inner workings of the international economy and business world. He enjoys studying geopolitics, analyzing macroeconomic trends and writing about economic incentives. In the future, Jacob is interested in pursuing graduate study, possibly an MBA or Law Degree.

For now, he is interested in pursuing a career in Business, particularly Banking and Venture Capital. Last Summer, Jacob served as a Summer Analyst at Goldman Sachs. As an intern, he learned a great deal about the complexities of the global economy and the inner workings of Corporate America.

Beyond a career in Business, Jacob also plans to pursue a career in Politics and hopes to earn the privilege of elected office one day. He is very passionate about political issues, and is highly motivated to support the wave of political enthusiasm spreading throughout the country in the wake of the current political environment. As he continues to write about some of the more pressing issues of the day, he hopes to one day use his position to affect the change he believes needs to be made in America.

In his free time, Jacob enjoys traveling (having visited nearly 20 countries in the past 2 years), practicing martial arts, watching Broadway shows, and drinking his favorite tea.

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Rashid Aziz

Rashid is at the NYU Tandon School of Engineering studying Integrated Digital Media. He is passionate about computers, programming, engineering, mechanical keyboards, and all things science and technology related. When he’s not on the computer hacking away, Rashid is lover of Pakistani food, avid watcher of superhero movies (and Game of Thrones), and huge fan of the greatest literary piece of all time, Harry Potter.


Class of 2020

Evelyn Serrano

Evelyn ‘Pam’ Serrano is a Global Liberal Studies major with a concentration in Contemporary Culture and Creative Production. She was born in Queens, New York but grew up in Linden, New Jersey. Pam has had a fascination for the sciences since she was a child and would often spend time exploring museums and reading insightful articles. Pam was in the Linden NJROTC program for all 4 years of high school and held the position of Captain Commanding Officer for the regiment.

At New York University, Pam held the position of Director of Training and Development in Goddard’s Residence Hall council. She is involved in Astronomy Club and Swing Dance Club. Pam strives to improve the community as demonstrated by her participation as a tutor with the Reading Partners. Pam also works as an Administrative Aide at the Stern Business School, as well as an Events Intern at the Center for Communication. Apart from academics, Pam enjoys practicing instruments such as the piano and ukulele.

Brittany Maylyn DuBois

Brittany Maylyn Du Bois is at the College of Arts and Science with a double major, tackling both Sociology and Broadcast Journalism. She hopes to be a part of the production behind live TV, whether that be broadcast news or day/night shows. In addition, she hopes to start a foundation supporting immigrant families, offering free English courses, and creating a network of fellow immigrants trying to make a steady living in the United States.

Brittany has a serious passion for writing, her strengths being poetry and realistic fiction. She has been featured on several American literary magazines, including the American Library of Poetry’s Accomplished and Accolades. In the spring of 2016, she published her debut novel, Streets of Melted Gold: An Arguably Fictional Memoir, following the story of a young girl and her family moving from a small island in the Caribbean to the United States of America. The book is based on events from her own life as an immigrant from Trinidad and Tobago and she is currently working on having it distributed in select countries in the Caribbean and the UK.

Brittany is Parliamentarian (and one of the founding members) for the National Association of Black Journalists NYU chapter which is starting its first year of ioperations in 2018. Currently, she is a social media and editorial intern at Further Food, a nutrition company, where she manages their Facebook and Twitter pages, as well as produces articles for their website.

Jahlil Walker

Jahlil Walker is at NYU’s Tandon School of Engineering, with a major in Computer Science. He plans to get a job in the field of technology. He obtained a software engineering internship at Goldman Sachs.
Jahlil currently serves as the floor representative of the 13th floor in the Othmer residence hall and on the dorm’s advocacy committee. He is also involved in the Tech@NYU scene as a member of the Freshman Circuit. In his spare time, Jahlil likes to practice breakdancing as part of the NYU breakdance club and is a member of the sub-dance crew Hoopla Falls. Jahlil also enjoys watching scary movies and reading old novels.

Class of 2021

Michael Stephen Bingham

Michael Stephen Bingham was born in Ridgeland, MS and was raised by his grandparents and later moved to Atlanta with his parents to begin high school. Michael was introduced to computers at a young age when he first broke apart his father’s CPU at the age of three. Throughout his childhood, he often visited the library in order to read books about inventions, computer science, psychology and human behavior. In high school, Michael started and joined many different clubs relating to engineering such as the “Inventor’s Club” and the “Young Engineers Club”. In his free time, Michael works on his mobile app and swims at the gym. Outside of STEM, Michael enjoys studying foreign languages such as Hebrew and Mandarin Chinese. Michael plans to double major in Physics and Mechanical Engineering. Michael’s career goal is to start a technology company.   

Kayla Arradondo

Kayla Arradondo is in the College of Arts and Science, majoring in History and Social and Cultural Analysis and minoring in Spanish and Peace and Conflict Studies. She plans on going on to get a combined Ph. D and JD and then getting her LLM. She plans on being both a criminal defense attorney and a college professor.

Kayla is currently involved with the Organization of Black Women and does a lot of work with her Social Justice League Stream within the Goddard Residential College at NYU. In high school she was a captain of the debate team, an officer in the National Honor Society, and Founder and President of her school's Girls Learn International Chapter. Helping her high school to become more aware and more involved in women's rights issues not only in her hometown of Eagan, Minnesota but also around the world. She tries to partake in activities that will allow her to advocate for those who are oppressed, as well as those that will allow her to learn from older and more experienced activists and leaders. With her Social Justice League Stream, she regularly goes to events where she can hear from activists such as Linda Sarsour and Ta-Nehisi Coates in order to improve her own activism.

Kayla also enjoys exploring the city with her friends by going to museums and trying out new restaurants. Every weekend she likes to go out and try something new. Her favorite adventure so far was going to The Whitney Museum and seeing the exhibit on the history of protests.

Kayla’s main purpose in life is to use the opportunities that have been given to her in order, such as being able to be a part of the AnBryce community, to make the world a better place. She hopes to be able to say that she made a positive impact on the world before she leaves it

Jillissa Drayton

Jillissa (Jill-lisa) Drayton was born and raised in Queens, NY and is in the Stern School of Business with a major in Management. In high school, Jillissa was an editor on her school’s award-winning newspaper and co-wrote directed the student-written and produced musical for 2 years. In her free time she engaged in community service and ran on her school’s track team.

At NYU, Jillissa hopes to continue performing community service in and around the city and fostering her love for the arts by joining student theater groups. She wants to get out of her comfort zone and try new extracurricular activities, which she has started to do by joining the NYU Cheerleading team.

Jillissa entered NYU with a strong desire to open her own business in the field of health and wellness, but has recently discovered her interest in human rights and feels a new inclination to get involved in politics and push for policy reforms to aid those who are silenced. She will continue to take advantage of all the resources NYU has to offer and expand on her understanding of her own strengths to discover how she can best make a difference.

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Krista Brown

Krista Brown is at the Stern School of Business with a concentration in Finance. She has future plans to pick up a minor in sports business due to her interest in sports such as basketball and football. In high school Krista was a school ambassador and was apart of the debate club, musical productions, and the track and field team. Krista looks forward to continuing her participation in extracurricular activities at NYU. By the end of her first year Krista hopes hold a position on the executive boards for the Black Student Union and Undergraduate Women in Business clubs.

Aside from her interest in extracurricular activities on campus, Krista is also looking forward to taking advantage of volunteer opportunities within the city. She has a newfound passion for helping the homeless and those who live in poverty. Krista currently lives in Goddard, a NYU dormitory, which is geared toward leadership and community service. Within this residence hall, she takes a class, Writing the Essay: Poverty and Affluence which allows her to discuss the problems and possible solutions of poverty with people who have a similar passion. In this class, Krista and her peers also plan community service events such as volunteering to a soup kitchen. Krista hopes that this class will expose her to more volunteering opportunities that she will be able to take part in during her four years at NYU.

Outside of volunteering and extracurricular activities Krista enjoys hanging out with new friends and trying restaurants throughout New York City.

Class of 2022

Brie McCann

Home City: Chicago

Degree Program at NYU (Area of academic interest): Biology

What were you involved in in high school?
National Honors Society, Student Council, Freshman Tutor, Biomedical Ambassador

What do you hope to accomplish at NYU?
Experiences that push me towards growth and drive my passions

Who is your hero?
I don’t think I have just one hero, I tend to just find qualities in people that I admire

What is your favorite book?
At the moment it is So Long A Letter by Mariama Ba

What do you do for fun? Movies!!, comic books, record shopping

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Marcela Valencia-Parra

Home City: Naples, Florida

Degree Program at NYU (Area of academic interest): Engineering/Math

What were you involved in in high school?
Drum line, track and field (pole vault), basketball, National/Spanish Honors Society, Engineering Club, Mu Alpha Theta Club

Brief information about your family (siblings?):
My mother is a single mother with three kids. My brother is 19 years old and is a junior in college. After earning his college degree, he will be joining the Marine Corps as an officer. My sister is 15 years old and will be a junior in high school. Our family is very close and we are all each other’s best friends.

What do you hope to accomplish at NYU?
I want to be able to be happy with whatever I decide to major in. After graduation, I hope to find a job in NYC. That's been my dream ever since I was a little girl.

Who is your hero? My mother. I would be nowhere without her.

What is your favorite book? Milk and Honey.

What do you do for fun?
I go to the beach and tan for hours. I also enjoy adventuring with my best friend Christine.

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Tajmara Antoine

Home City: Miami

Degree Program at NYU (Area of academic interest): Undecided Pre-med track

What were you involved in in high school?
Volleyball, soccer, track and field, National Honors Society, French Honors Society, student council, community service group

Brief information about your family (siblings?):
I have 3 siblings. My family moved to Miami from Haiti after the 2010 earthquake when I was nine. My brother, Eudens Antoine, is also a freshman at NYU Tandon School of Engineering.

What do you hope to accomplish at NYU?
I hope to find myself and discover my purpose in life. I hope to expand my horizons and learn to be more engaging and outgoing.

Who is your hero? My mother

What is your favorite book?
A tie between Pride and Prejudice and Harry Potter

What do you do for fun?
I love to watch movies, sing, read, and play volleyball.

Umu-Hawa Jalloh

Home City: Hyattsville, MD

Degree Program at NYU (Area of academic interest):
Global Public Health-Sociology, Pre-Health

What were you involved in in high school?:
Secretary of International Club, National Honor Society Community Service Team Member, Student Adventures in Leadership Program (S.A.I.L.), Camp Dogwood Summer Academy Staff Training Enrichment Program (S.T.E.P.), Black Student Union, Science and Technology Program, Doctors Community Hospital Research Practicum Intern

Brief information about your family (siblings?):
Family is originally from Sierra-Leone, West Africa; I am the oldest of three girls all born in the United States.

What do you hope to accomplish at NYU?:
I hope to make use of this unique blessing by studying abroad three times, learning more about myself in a new environment, developing a sense of community with people who will remain to be lifelong friends, taking advantage of opportunities associated New York City, setting the bar for my younger sisters and proving that it is fully possible to be an African-American female who achieves a college education, reviving and improving my old Spanish skills, exposing myself to other cultures and people, receiving my degree in no more than 4 years, learning from my mistakes to better my future.

Who is your hero?
Tenneh Gibateh (my mother). She is a strong, God-fearing woman currently raising three daughters while preventing her adversities from tying her down in this world.

What is your favorite book? “The Hate U Give” by Angie Thomas.

What do you do for fun?
Braid hair, draw, read, sing karaoke (off-key), go to amusement parks, spend time with family, listen to a range of music, watch Netflix and cooking shows, travel (when I can)

Home City: Coram, NY

Degree Program at NYU (Area of academic interest):
Business & Political Economy (BPE)

What were you involved in in high school?
National Honor Society, Business Honor Society, student government, and an internship at a local political campaign

Brief information about your family (siblings?):
My parents are from Columbia and my sister is a sophomore at SUNY Oswego. She is studying to be a teacher who teaches English as a second language.

What do you hope to accomplish at NYU?
I hope to find a community at NYU that cares for giving back to people who need it most and creating a platform that helps lead to concrete change.

Who is your hero?
My hero is my mom – she crossed the border over 25 years ago so that one day her kids could have a future with opportunity and hope. She has been my number one supporter and a shining example of a strong work ethic. She has always taught that empathy and human compassion are far more important than material or monetary success.

What is your favorite book?
My favorite book since the sixth grade is Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins.

What do you do for fun?
For fun, I love walking on beaches or trails, watching shows on Netflix and going out to eat with friends.